Frequently Asked Questions

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In severe weather conditions might the funeral have to be cancelled?2018-12-07T11:32:40+00:00

Our funeral vehicles are fitted with winter tyres during the cold weather period meaning it is extremely unlikely that a funeral would be cancelled.

Do you arrange burial funerals as well as cremations?2018-12-07T11:32:12+00:00

We specialise in cremations and regret that we are unable to offer burials at this time.

Why are you not available 24 hours a day seven days a week?2018-12-07T11:31:50+00:00

We are available outside normal office hours (please refer to our Customer Promise for details on our response times when you contact us) but we do not operate around the clock emergency call out service. We decided on this because we are generally available when our clients get in touch and the call out service was often not used and consequently not sufficiently cost effective.

As you don’t have your own premises where will my loved one be taken until the funeral day?2018-12-07T11:31:13+00:00

Your relative or friend will be collected as soon as possible after we receive your instructions. They will then be taken directly to one of a few nearby carefully selected and fully accredited funeral directors whose premises we share. We never use the bigger profit driven businesses; we always favour smaller independent family run firms who really care. They are unable to compete with us directly but understand that there is a need for what we offer and are supportive of what we do.

Why do you not have a Funeral Home of your own?2018-12-07T11:30:32+00:00

Nowadays it is quite common that families do not go to the funeral home at all. Often the funeral director is chosen after some online research or simply contacting the nearest company and then arrangements are initially discussed at a home visit followed by phone calls and emails.

The majority of families these days elect not to view the deceased at the Chapel of Rest either so in the end, we concluded that the benefits from a town centre presence would not be sufficiently utilised because we cover a large area due to the highly specialised nature of our business. We have a postal address purely for sending letters because we will always travel to you for all personal face to face contact.

Why do you not offer limousines?2018-12-07T11:29:37+00:00

Both hearses and limousines are unnecessary and instantly create a highly conspicuous presence.

In recent years there has been a noticeable decline in the use of limousines which has occurred for a number of reasons. Generally, limousines collect mourners to take them to the funeral from which point other travel arrangements have to be made so many people are simply opting to use their own cars throughout. Although a limousine is obviously longer than a standard vehicle it is no wider so passengers often feel quite squashed and uncomfortable on their journey compared to being in their own cars. Ventilation and heating on the back row of these vehicles is generally inadequate and all too often there are some safety related issues regarding lap belts on middle seats and a lack of headrests, even in new vehicles. For all of these reasons we decided that these vehicles fail to match expectations, are unnecessary and cannot deliver good value.

May we also attend the service at the Crematorium?2018-12-07T11:28:47+00:00

Our standard packages are based on the funeral taking place entirely at the Kingdom Hall with the subsequent cremation taking place privately at which our funeral director can read a chosen piece from the Bible if you wish.

We use a crematorium of our own choosing because it enables us to give better value however if your preference is that the cremation takes place at a specific crematorium which members of the congregation also attend then this is an available option at extra cost.

Who will carry the coffin into the Kingdom Hall?2018-12-07T11:28:18+00:00

The coffin can be carried in and out on shoulders or on a wheeled Funeral Bier and if there are four (or six) close family and friends who would like to do so under our guidance this does help to further personalise the funeral service. Using the wheeled Bier means that the Bier takes the weight of the coffin and therefore as a general rule, any reasonably able-bodied adults would be perfectly capable of doing this. We do actively encourage this which reduces the number of strangers present for the service and our feedback to date shows that it is gratefully appreciated by the family and congregation.

Is a funeral at the weekend available?2018-12-07T11:27:55+00:00

We do not charge any extra for a funeral held at the weekend and most crematoriums will accommodate it. Some of the costs which we pay on your behalf to third parties may be a little higher for a weekend funeral depending on your choices, but we would make this clear to you before any firm commitment was made. Sometimes this can be offset by avoiding having to take time off work or use holiday in order to attend the service. It is also worth mentioning that for some people a funeral at the weekend can be invaluable if their employer would not allow them the time off work at all.

Do I get to choose when and where the service takes place?2018-12-07T11:27:32+00:00

Yes, we will liaise with you about the location, date and time of the service and it will always be your decision. We would generally organise the cremation itself to take place very soon after the Kingdom Hall service as would be the case with a crematorium funeral. We can inform you when this will be if you wish to pray or think about the person at around that time.

Can you arrange viewings before the funeral?2018-12-07T11:26:52+00:00

We do not offer viewings in the coffin prior to the funeral however if this is important to you then it is usually possible to arrange to see a loved one again in the chapel at a hospital or other funeral directors prior to our collection. We will respectfully prepare the body for the coffin in any case can be dressed in their personal clothing if provided.

Is it a cheap coffin provided in your standard package in order to keep your prices low?2018-12-07T11:26:32+00:00

Absolutely not. We source our coffins only from the best quality manufacturers available. We chose our supplier because their quality is of the highest standard and their products are all handmade in the UK. We recommend a real oak veneered coffin of simple classic design. This is the coffin included in our packages, more elaborate coffins are available at additional cost if requested but are not recommended.

Please remember to ask us if you are interested as it is our policy to strictly avoid any “selling” of additional or upgraded products and services.

How can you provide your services from a distance at a similar or lower price than local funeral directors?2018-12-07T11:26:03+00:00

All funeral directors operate a business which aims to be profitable but ours is a little different to the others. It was designed from the start to be run efficiently with low overheads and this enables us to pass those savings on. We achieved this by not having Funeral Homes in town centres, reducing the number of vehicles, employing fewer staff, deleting the emergency out of hours call out service and by simplifying the range of options available. This way means that you pay for what you actually use rather than in effect contributing to the cost of expensive or rarely chosen options which weren’t selected.

We absolutely will not make any compromises in our standard of care and service in order to cut costs. We are quite transparent about exactly how we are organised to give better value and can be completely relied on to provide a service which is second to none.

Why do you want to do things differently?2018-12-07T11:24:34+00:00

At JW Funerals we want to give people the option of a more modern and less showy approach to cremation funerals. We hold the view that elaborate ostentatious funerals are unnecessary, inappropriate and provide poor value for money. We also believe that the typically flamboyant style of funeral directors in this country are an imperfect fit with the beliefs and requirements of Jehovah’s Witnesses who deserve a wider range of choices.