The company was formed in 2015 by Simon Iredale based on the experience gained during 10 years working for an independent family owned traditional high street funeral business. The company is owned and run by Simon with his wife Jill who both share a common working background in public service and latterly for charitable organisations working with the bereaved.

The idea was to offer a real alternative to the traditional funeral director many of which were not adapting with the times or providing the services many people want nowadays. From the very beginning we specialised entirely in cremations offering either modern and simple crematorium funerals or unattended cremations which provide the opportunity for families to say their farewells separately in their own way.

As time went on private cremations became increasingly popular and we decided to concentrate more fully on this type of funeral arrangement and ceased offering crematorium funerals altogether. It was this change which necessitated that we amend our name from Trust Funerals to Trust Cremations to more accurately reflect the nature of our work. The management team and staff remained the same and we did not start a new company; it was only the name that changed.

During these years we provided both crematorium funerals and unattended cremations for Jehovah’s Witnesses. It soon became apparent that many of the differences between us and the traditional funeral director actually made us a very suitable choice for Jehovah’s Witness funerals.

We enjoyed working on these funeral arrangements and in so doing we gained a further understanding and respect for the faith. It became increasingly clear to us that traditional funeral directors do not make a good fit with the ethos of Jehovah’s Witnesses and that the style of their arrangements were not well suited to those families beliefs and requirements.

As a consequence, at around the time we stopped arranging funeral services at the crematorium it was decided that Jehovah’s Witnesses deserved a more appropriate option to be made available by offering dedicated tailored funeral packages from a funeral director who understands and is sympathetic towards the faith.

It was at this point that the JW Funerals service was established, meaning that finally there was no longer any need to make undesirable compromises when picking a funeral director for a Kingdom Hall funeral.

You can find out more about our unique Kingdom Hall Packages on our Funerals and Prices page and the Home page for more information on why we believe we are the number one choice for Jehovah’s Witness funerals.

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