We offer a genuinely unique alternative to the traditional local funeral director and it is precisely what makes us different which also makes us the ideal choice for Jehovah’s Witness funerals.

We are an established independent family owned and run funeral directors specialising in direct cremations and helping people to organise a funeral service away from the constraints and distressing environment of a crematorium. JW Funerals has been created with the purpose of serving Jehovah’s Witnesses specific needs with regard to funerals and our services are available nationwide.

We offer three all-inclusive Kingdom Hall funeral packages exclusively for Jehovah’s Witness funerals two of which can be adapted according to individual requirements. If the need arises you can talk to us on the telephone, by email and we will also come to visit and meet with you personally, all entirely without any obligation to choose us.

Our Beliefs and Principles

We believe that the traditional flamboyant Victorian style of funeral has become outdated and no longer truly reflects what the general public, and particularly Jehovah’s Witnesses, would ideally hope for. In our view a funeral should be a simple, meaningful, positively supportive experience without being ostentatious in any way or seeking to glorify the person who has passed away.

We don’t see our role as controlling or conducting a funeral service but rather as professionals whose skills are necessary to enable you to have the funeral you desire and to attend on the day as discreetly as possible.

We live and work by a strict moral code based on the word of God and the Bible which shares many common principles with the Jehovah’s Witness faith although we have no affiliation with any religious domination. We hold an overriding belief that every day provides a new opportunity to help others and by so doing one also will in turn be rewarded. We particularly value fairness, honesty, sincerity, empathy and integrity. Being an ethical family business this ethos fundamentally underpins our company and everything we do.

The JW Funerals Difference

Although we have arranged hundreds of funerals in the past we have always been a niche funeral company offering a completely different approach and style of funeral.

We ceased providing standard black hearse funerals in 2016 because we consider the conventional hearse to be unnecessarily showy as well as negatively symbolising death, mourning and sadness. Instead our funerals include our silver Mercedes funeral vehicle which is a large but standard sized estate car able to accommodate even the largest of coffins with a floral tribute in-situ. It is never conspicuous and always blends in to any setting and therefore fulfils its brief in a discreet and tasteful manner.

We believe that the funeral director should always remember that their role is to serve enable and support, therefore he or she should avoid any exaggerated theatrical behaviour. All our staff dress formally in modern blue suits because we consider that top hats, canes and tailcoats are inappropriately extravagant. We will never walk in front of a hearse or exhibit any behaviour that might suggest an out of proportion opinion of our own self importance. We are always respectful and never judgemental.

Our funerals only now take place at a Kingdom Hall because we are a specialist provider existing to serve Jehovah’s Witnesses. We don’t have to try and adapt to accommodate your needs because we understand and are like minded.

As a result of this we have specific tailored packages with clear transparent fair pricing. We have always strongly disapproved of the routine overcharging which has now been officially brought into the public eye by the Competition and Markets Authority on behalf of the UK Government.

We are able to give better value for Jehovah’s Witness funerals by being based online and because we cover a large area due to our specialist nature there is no single location which would be convenient for everybody. In fact we were one of the original funeral directors to be based online and since we began many others have followed our lead.


You Don’t Have To Take Our Word For It

Before entrusting a loved one to any funeral director you need to feel confident of the highest standards of professionalism, support and care. One of the best ways to do this is to look at our reviews which are all grouped together under our parent company name of Trust Cremations.

Most of our customer feedback can be found by clicking on the reviews link here which takes you to the funeral review site independently managed and set up by the National Federation of Funeral Directors, therefore we have no control or influence over what is written. We are also a member of the National Federation of Funeral Directors which is one of the trade organisations from which the Government recommends you select a funeral director. Our reviews reflect a variety of different funeral arrangements from all walks of life where people want to share their experiences to help others.

We genuinely care and are really passionate about the quality of our services. We hope that you will agree that this is reflected in the feedback we have received.

Appointing a funeral director for Jehovah’s Witness funerals is an important choice which we fully appreciate and recognise. If a member of the congregation has just passed away we make the decision a little easier because we will travel to meet with you, ideally at the Kingdom Hall to discuss your requirements.

This is entirely free of charge and with no obligation or expectation that you will subsequently pick us. It’s important to us that when we are chosen it is done so with confidence rather than concerns.

The JW FUNERALS PrePaid Simple Cremation Plan costs £1,550 Please ask for our information pack

EMAIL US: info@jwfunerals.co.uk  |  CALL US: 0800 433 7707